Our Process


1. Listen

We would love to start a conversation with you. Tell us about yourself, your site, your asset, your challenges or your ideas. We'll reply to you with any clarifications, possible opportunities, and we will give you a sense as to next steps. 

2. Review

Based on our conversations, we will send you a custom quote with a fit-for-purpose cost structure, plus an idea on project execution and deliverable schedules. Review the quote and let us know if you have questions or how we can help further.

3. Align

If you're ready to proceed, KLR will begin our formal relationship with an alignment process. This step will include you and all relevant stakeholders. We will address Canadian UAV regulations, project & site risks, deliverable types, and information that we might need from you; such as authorizations, site orientations, or communication protocols.

4. PLan

Post alignment, KLR will collaboratively plan the project with you and will outline all details prior to flight. We will create a risk register and will review the execution phase with you. We will transparently store & share our checklists and procedures, giving you comfort knowing that any liability has been mitigated. We will submit all Transport Canada regulatory requirements and will then prepare for flight.

5. Execute

We will execute our flight with a vision of zero harm to all assets, humans, the environment and any additional items identified in the risk process. We encourage involvement during the scan and can live-stream the footage to a device of your choice or via YouTube. KLR also has a robust working alone policy that will be followed for such circumstances.

6. Deliver

Post flight production begins immediately after the flight. We are able to upload data direct to our processing systems and can in some cases deliver on the same day. We utilize cloud storage solutions for all deliverables but can also ship a hard-drive to you direct.

7. Learn

We never want to stop learning and we stay involved with you during our lessons learnt process. This closeout procedure ensures that lessons are learnt and that future projects incorporate these lessons. Furthermore, opportunities always arise during projects; to capture these is important to KLR.

Thanks... we were able to successfully book a production bottoming within our time constraints & with a level of accuracy that everyone was happy with!
— Agrium Redwater